Tips on renting a boat


1. Get there early. Phone in ahead of time to make sure they have exactly what you want if that isn’t possible.

2. If you know when you’re going, make an appointment, if possible

3. Shop around. There are most likely several business in the location that you’re wishing to rent your boat. Rate them all out. Competition is amazing!

4. Do a walkthrough. Before turning over your credit card, make sure your rental boat is well kept and in excellent working order.

5. Submit a float plan. Even if it isn’t really needed by the rental business, do it; especially if you’re in an unfamiliar location. Make certain you understand how to utilize the onboard radio (if there is one) and take your smart phone and a list of varieties of who to get in touch with if you get into trouble.

6. Inspect your insurance coverage. When you lease, there are insurance factors to consider. It is not like renting an automobile. A lot of rental companies have liability insurance that safeguards them, however provide no insurance coverage to protect you. Be sure to take a look at these Florida insurance specialists to find out more.

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